Friday, April 21, 2017


I can't believe how long it has actually been since I have even thought of blogging but here I am for a few

One of the most exciting finishes I have is also one of my all time favorite stitches.  That said, I will hang on to this one until death do us part. (no pun intended) well maybe.   

In the past, when someone has made a comment about loving one of my pieces, I have been known to send it home with to Tasmania, England, Portugal, Germany and a many to different locations in the US.  

it will not happen with this one

just say'n (although it would be fun to stitch again)

Death by Cross Stitch
by: Long Dog Samplers

Still thinking about a frame and adding a border along the bottom for a bit more weight.

Cheers for now

Monday, December 28, 2015

oh,,,, what a feeling

With Christmas winding down and the weather following suit, we find time to think of all of the wonderful activities we have introduced and each one of our ongoing well-established and cherished adventures. Sharing time with special people makes each and every tradition a wonderful memory we all can enjoy and continue for many years to follow. 

One aspect of this Christmas that is outstanding has been the weather. For those who needed to travel, it was very good timing. For those who love to see snow,,, well, sorry that didn't happen here in Southren Ontario. I will admit that I did miss seeing the "Pretty White S#!+"  Christmas Eve and on through the 27th, but one thing is for sure; I did not miss pulling out the shovels!

In the stitching strategy here @ Henley's Landing,
I was able to finish all but 9 of the 72 Santa heads I've been stitching throughout the entire year.
The remaining 9 simply need the beards stitched and then the finishing, and I am ok with that. The year is not over yet... The fact that I completely finished 63 is a nice feeling and not to mention the fact that said Santa heads will keep me out of having to make ornaments for our Granchill'ns for the next dozen years. 

Each one will receive a new Santa every year and even though a family may have 3 Santas coming in each year they are colour specific to each chill'n and each of them  will have 12 of their very own when they move forward into their own Christmasses in their own time. Gotta love a plan!
I also was busy sliding in 3 wedding samplers, a couple dozen special key fobs and Katies Christmas Stocking helps make the 2015 accomplishments shine in my own mind. 

I will admit that it was so nice to enjoy time away from stitching for a few days but the itch is on the return as I sit here. 

With all of that said, I certainly hope everyone
has enjoyed their season and for the right reasons, as I know we have and when we remember this year we will have many a smiles on our faces.

Cheers to 2015
Health and Happiness to you in 2016

as always

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